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Understanding meals and incidentals for business travel

If you have an upcoming work travel event, you may be wondering which expenses are reimbursable. The Business Resource Center (BRC) shares some helpful tips.

A $62 cap — not a per diem

  • Up to $62 per day in meals and incidentals are reimbursable for domestic business travel including an overnight stay
  • This is not an automatic per diem* amount:
    • You must seek reimbursement only for your actual expenses
    • If you routinely claim the full $62 amount, you may be required to submit meal receipts that indicate you are not treating the reimbursement as a per diem. If you do request $62 for multiple days of a trip, provide meal receipts to avoid delayed reimbursement.

* Per diems are only allowed for foreign travel. Contact the BRC for more information about foreign travel reimbursements.

What do meal and incidental expenses include?

  • Daily meals
  • Restaurant tips
  • Hotel and bellhop tips
  • Parking attendant tips
  • Baggage handler tips
  • Ground transportation — Please add tips for taxi/Uber/Lyft rides to the fare amount and submit a single sum.

More questions? Contact the BRC at Ask a BRC Question in ServiceNow.



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