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New recognition program: 2022 UC Tech Awards

For 22 years, Sautter Awards have been the systemwide awards program for the UC technology community. Each year, up to five awards and five honorable mentions have recognized innovative projects. This year, the UC Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) is launching an expanded UC Tech Awards Program, which will provide more opportunities to recognize projects and people. The new awards will provide an opportunity to recognize individual and team achievements in high-priority areas, including portfolios of work and specific projects.

“In my life, there has been no greater recognition than peer recognition,” said Van Williams, vice president for Information Technology at the UC Office of the President. “The UC Tech Awards are an opportunity for us to recognize the amazing peers who impact us.”

Applications for all awards are due May 30, 2022. Visit the UC Tech Awards Program website for information on how to apply or to nominate individuals or teams. Awards will be chosen by a committee of chief information officers from each UC location. One Golden and one Silver award will be presented in each category. Winners will be announced at the annual UC Tech Conference. More information about each award is provided below.

2022 UC Tech Awards

  • Design Award: Recognizes an individual or team that transformed one or more touchpoints through the application of various design disciplines (eg, visual design, interaction design, user experience (UX) design, customer experience (CX) design and/or industrial design) to improve usability and/or create a more elegant experience for everyone, including people with disabilities.
  • IT Security Award: Recognizes an individual or team that advanced IT security at UC through awareness and training, policy, technical controls and/or IT security hygiene. Projects that intersect with legal, privacy and compliance are eligible.
  • Lifetime Impact Award: Recognizes an individual who, over time, has contributed significant expertise, passion and commitment to UC, as evidenced by a portfolio of work supporting the technology arena. (One award Lifetime Impact Award will be bestowed each year.)
  • Operational Excellence Award: Recognizes an individual or team that transformed a business process (via reliability, speed, scale, efficiency and/or effectiveness), whether through business process design, automation, customer service, digital transformation or another initiative.
  • Sautter Awards for Innovation in Information Technology: Recognize a team for having implemented an innovative technology project that has had a significant beneficial impact on UC’s academic/research mission, student life, business operations, patient care or public-service mission. Innovation is defined as the new application of technology, the creative use of limited resources or an emphasis on collaboration to solve a problem.
  • UC Collaboration Award: Recognizes an individual or team that conducted a strong collaborative technology initiative across two or more UC locations, across a UC campus and UC health system and/or with other UC partners.

For questions, please contact Program Coordinator Yvonne Tevis.

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