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UCOP announces new opportunities to recognize employees and boost morale

Good news: As of July 1, UCOP has realigned its morale-building guidelines with systemwide UC policy. This means that managers and supervisors now have more opportunities to recognize staff contributions and strengthen connections between on-site, hybrid and remote team members.

The updated guidelines are aligned with the UC Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment, and Other Occasions (BUS 79) and Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts (G-41) policies.

Highlights of the revised policies

  • Meals and light refreshments for entertainment and business meeting events are allowed when conducting substantial university business, up to the per-person limit. There is no frequency limit for these events.
  • Retirement events and gifts, up to the $400 policy limit, are allowed for any UCOP employee, including senior leaders and managers.
  • Length of service awards occur every five years. They include a 10th-anniversary paperweight and lapel pins every five years, thereafter. (No other gifts are allowed for employment anniversaries.)
  • Morale-building activities that honor or recognize one or more employees are allowed, including end-of-year celebrations. Activities may be held off-site and can include entertainment. Meals are limited to once a month or 12 times per year, per group. Light refreshments are limited to twice per month per group.
  • SPOT Awards and other allowable non-cash awards are permitted, within specified dollar amounts, up to three per calendar year per employee.

Costs for recognition and morale-building activities must fall within each department’s budget and be reasonable. For more information, review the policy links above or consult the Morale Building and Non-Cash Awards Matrix (PDF). (You will need to log in to SharePoint to view this file.)

For questions, contact Amy Vrizuela.

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