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Explore implicit bias with your UCOP colleagues

If you’ve taken the UC Managing Implicit Bias series and would like to go deeper on exploring your own understanding of implicit bias, its impact and what you can do to prevent it, join us for a deep dive!

Taking place on Tuesday, Aug. 23, from 9 – 11 a.m. (PT), Managing Implicit Bias, a Conversation (also referred to as Managing Implicit Bias, Extending Your Learning) will give you an opportunity to discuss challenges and strategies for managing implicit bias. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of their own implicit biases and their ability to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion wherever they are.

Course highlights:

  • Debrief the Implicit Bias online training series
  • Discuss and learn how socialization shapes our biases
  • Discuss and learn how power, privilege, and positionality influence our decisions
  • Discuss how our implicit biases affect our work
  • Discuss strategies moving forward

Register online today!

Note that you must take all classes in the UC Managing Implicit Bias series prior to registering for this class.

About the UC Managing Implicit Bias series

Managing Implicit Bias, a six-course Systemwide Talent Management online series, helps to demystify the concept of implicit bias, explaining what it is, how it affects us, why it’s important to counter it and more. Exploring our own biases is an important part of self-development, team development and building a strong workplace culture. Learn more about what implicit bias is and what to expect in this self-paced series.

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