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NAIPISA included multiple UCOP locations in celebrating Native American Heritage Month

This year, the Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander Staff Association (NAIPISA) worked to fulfill their mission to form a welcoming environment at UCOP for staff who identify as Native American, Indigenous and Pacific Islander, and to provide meaningful opportunities for them to engage with UC’s mission.

NAIPISA held two popular celebrations during Native American Heritage Month in November.

Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino


In Oakland, NAIPISA collaborated with the Cal Native and Indigenous Alumni Association and UCOP Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs. It featured Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino, the founders of mak-‘amham/Cafe Ohlone. Medina and Trevino discussed their family stories, Ohlone resilience, and Ohlone culture in the East Bay area.

The NAIPISA UCPath Veterans Day celebration

Flags given to UCPath veterans and family members during the NAIPISA celebration

At UCPath, NAIPISA organized a two-hour celebration of Veterans Day for veterans, family members of veterans and non-military-affiliated staff. All veterans and veterans’ family members received a special flag from their branch of service and had an opportunity to share their service-related experiences.

“The conversation was informative and it was enjoyable to learn about everyone’s contributions,” says NAIPISA co-chair Dominique Bridges. “My grandfather, a Native American U.S. Air Force Veteran served in the Korean War.”