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Last chance: Connect with your colleagues through a 3Practice Circle session in Oakland

Throughout the winter, UCOP Human Resources and the Ombuds Office have been holding 3Practice Circle sessions to facilitate dialogue between UCOP colleagues and help us connect as a community.

The last session, focused on “This is what I lost or discovered during COVID,” will take place on Feb. 21, from 2:30 – 4 p.m. (PT).

Register online here

What have my colleagues said about their experiences with 3Practice circles?

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our anonymous comment forms:

  • It really was a safe space for all to speak.
  • I appreciated the clear expectation-setting at the beginning and that people were not forced to speak if they did not want to.
  • It was a very honest experience with no judgment, just open hearts. Even virtually, I felt the emotions everyone had and really appreciated having the open forum.
  • I liked that people were able to be vulnerable and share their stories.
  • It was very moving how willing colleagues were to share hard things with people they do not know in order to find a common bond and shared experience.
  • This was a great opportunity to learn a new skill and foster empathy with other like-minded staff.

How are 3Practice Circles different from other Learning and Development opportunities?

3Practice Circles are a structured safe space for participants to learn about other people’s experiences, share their own experiences, identify and talk through challenges and find a path towards bridging differences. A 3Practice Circle isn’t a debate, discussion or therapy group; it’s a safe space for clarity and understanding — with no obligation to agree — and an opportunity to exercise your listening and communication skills.

Do all participants have an opportunity to participate?

Yes! All participants are invited, but not required, to share their perspectives. Here’s how 3Practice Circles work:

  1. A facilitator shares a Framing Question for the conversation (e.g. How have the social issues and concerns of the past few years impacted you? What lessons have you learned?)
  2. One volunteer responds to the Framing Question, taking up to two minutes. All other circle members listen without interrupting.
  3. When the volunteer finishes, anyone can ask a clarifying question, starting with the words, “I’d be curious to know…” Circle members have up to 20 seconds to ask the volunteer a question. The volunteer has up to 60 seconds to respond.
  4. Another volunteer takes a turn answering the Framing Question, with the group following the steps above.
  5. Once everyone who would like to answer the framing question has done so, the Circle ends with an opportunity for members to individually thank someone who asked good questions or inspired thought and dialogue.

How can I learn more about the 3Practice Circle methodology?

Visit the 3Practice Circles website.

For questions, please contact Callale Concon at or 510-587-6130.

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