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4 easy tips for managing your UC records

Properly managing UC records, both paper and electronic, is a key responsibility for all UCOP employees. Use the following tips to help you manage your records, particularly as you move back to the Franklin-Broadway Campus.

  1. Don’t just trash your records when you unpack your workspace.
    Employees are responsible for complying with the UC Records Retention Schedule. Look up the retention period for each record, then either store it in the appropriate UCOP system or properly dispose of it in accordance with university policy.
  2. Inventory your records.
    Create a list of your records, where they are stored and how long you are required to retain them. Review and re-evaluate the list periodically to determine who needs access and identify records that are inactive.
  3. Transfer other inactive records to storage.
    When the retention period for inactive records has not lapsed, transfer the records out of active file storage areas. If the records have a finite retention period, contact Records Management to transfer paper records to Iron Mountain facilities, and label electronic records with their retention period so they can be scheduled for deletion when appropriate. If the records have a permanent retention period, consult with Records Management for appropriate transfer procedures.
  4. Follow UC records management guidelines when working off-site.
    You are responsible for protecting confidential records from being exposed when you’re working off-site. Avoid saving confidential items to your personal devices. Be cognizant of the location of your printed materials, as well as what is seen on your monitor. Save and store files in an approved shared-storage location, and provide access permission to other authorized personnel as appropriate.

If you have questions about the tips above or other records-related concerns, please contact Records Management. For more tips to help you get settled into your workspace at the Franklin-Broadway campus, check out the Welcome Guide.


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