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UCOP is making it easier to enjoy coffee and tea at work

As part of our Future of Work program, UCOP is making it easier to enjoy hot beverages at work by better equipping our shared kitchens.

In addition to the single-serving coffee machines already available, UCOP Operations will eventually provide the following supplies:

  • Reusable ceramic mugs for staff and guests to use in the office
  • Stir sticks
  • Sweeteners (variety)
  • Shelf-stable creamer
  • Dish racks
  • Countertop organizers for coffee and tea supplies

In alignment with UC’s sustainability goals, UCOP will provide opportunities for staff to recycle coffee pods. Staff will also be able to request reusable coffee pods for both the Keurig and Nespresso coffee makers at no cost.

Pilot kitchen equipment period

From May 23 through June 15, we will launch supplies on select floors in the Oakland Broadway and Franklin buildings. This will allow UCOP Operations to evaluate supplies, kitchen configurations and instructions, gather staff feedback and make any necessary adjustments before expanding the program to all locations. We hope to roll out the supplies to all locations by June 26, 2023.

Consider forming a coffee club

In the past, we took a team approach to making sure coffee was always available by forming informal “coffee clubs” by floors or departments. Club members rotated responsibility for providing coffee in their kitchens. Talk to your colleagues to determine interest and develop a schedule that works for you.

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