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Managers’ Corner: Learn about UC Experience Conversations

If you’re a people manager, mark your calendar to take advantage of upcoming People Leaders Forums — monthly opportunities for managers and supervisors to connect with one another. In these live, virtual workshops, you’ll develop leadership skills, build community, share best practices, swap strategies for navigating current challenges and learn to better support yourself and your team!

Our next session will take place this Friday, July 14, from 1 – 2 p.m. (PT). We’ll focus on UC Experience Conversations — opportunities for employees to explore what is important to them as individuals, considering their satisfaction, engagement and motivation at work.

During this session, leaders will learn how to use UC Experience Conversations as a way to support employee career development and increase retention by giving employees an opportunity to share their aspirations and support their career goals.

Plus save the date for the next forum, on Friday, Aug. 11. In the August forum, we’ll cover how to write good job descriptions for JDX and the market.

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