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Record-breaking Shout-Outs for Swapna Rachamalla and ITS colleagues

Senior Java Developer Swapna Rachamalla

Senior Java Developer Swapna Rachamalla

If you’ve read previous Shout-Outs in Link, you know that they are limited to 100 words. This week, our editorial team is making an exception to accommodate the flurry of kudos we received for Swapna Rachamalla in a solo capacity and as part of multi-colleague efforts and teams. We have never received so many Shout-Outs for the same person in one week. Congratulations to Swapna and the other colleagues mentioned in this post!

From Hugo Liang, Finance Officer

“Onboarding to the Oracle system was not without its difficulties and challenges. At first, I was really frustrated with the process. Consultants left the project and we weren’t exactly where we needed to be. I’d like to thank Arun Duggal, Veeresham Merugu, Srivasu Kakarla, Swapna Rachamalla, Sanjay Shah, Partha Chakraborty, Ivan Sutanto, John Duys and their teams for their constant support after the conversion to Oracle and ongoing support as we discover new things to address. I appreciate that they always try to understand and work diligently to solve your problems. Thank you for cleaning up the mess that we and others have made in the system!”

From Martha McCoy, Project Manager

“I need to share with everyone the excellent experience I have had working with Swapna Rachamalla. We have been working together for three-and-a-half years. She has shared her valuable and extensive institutional knowledge throughout the years to ensure each project is as successful as possible. Swapna’s ability to respond quickly and accurately to data requests and research while troubleshooting sets the bar for customer service and teamwork. Swapna, I want to thank you for your support and attention to detail. I look forward to working with you on any project UCOP sends our way!”

From Michelle Baniqued, Assistant Director of Capital Planning

“I’d like to give a Shout-Out to Swapna Rachamalla (ITS) for her patient and persistent work in helping to address IT issues relating to one of our major annual reports. Her efforts support our relationships with the campuses, provide continuous improvement for our critical business processes, and are much appreciated!”

From Ruth Satorre, Director of Corporate Accounting

“I’d like to give a Shout-Out to Swapna Rachamalla and Hema Ramaiah for helping us close period 17 in EIAOnline (our endowment & investment accounting system) tonight! We so appreciate them working alongside the accounting team after hours on a Friday night as locations were anxiously waiting for their results to be available! The accounting team was confounded by an error depicted below with a green pukey face (my technical term). Swapna and Hema guided us to troubleshoot and finish close magnificently. Thank you!”

From Surekha Dagimeti, Senior Software Engineer

“I’d like to give a big Shout-Out to our incredible team members Srikanth Penumalla and Swapna Rachamalla who went above and beyond to help resolve a critical production issue! Your dedication, quick thinking, and expertise were absolutely instrumental in getting things back on track. Your commitment to the team and your exceptional problem-solving skills truly made a difference.

“Thank you for your hard work and for embodying the spirit of collaboration and excellence that defines our team. Here’s to your continued success and the invaluable contributions you bring to our projects!”

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  1. Alysia Brewer August 8, 2023 Reply

    Wonderful job! It seems like your help was needed and very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!

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