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Shout-Out for Veeresham Merugu and Swapna Rachamalla

Michelle Baniqued is grateful to Veeresham and Swapna for making a huge impact in systems processing time.

Shout-Out for Julie McCormick

BRC colleagues are blown away by Julie's exceptional work in setting up a new collaborative process.

Shout-Out for Andy Lyons and Genoa Starrs

Taiyu Guan is grateful to Andy and Genoa for their assistance with a research paper.

Shout-Out for the New Year’s Welcome Breakfast volunteers

Shirley Bittlingmeier is grateful to the volunteers who helped organize and execute the Jan. 17 New Year’s Welcome Breakfast in Oakland.

Shout-Out for the Oracle financial applications migration team

Arun Duggal sends an enthusiastic Shout-Out to the team who migrated Oracle financial applications to GEN 2 data centers.

Shout-Out for the Oracle eLedger team

Barbara Cevallos sends a Shout-Out to the Oracle eLedger Team.

Shout-Out for Jon Kirton

Hema Ramaiah appreciates John's hard work on the REMS UX project.

Shout-Out for Lisa Hart and Cynthia De Los Santos

Hema Ramaiah is grateful to Cynthia and Lisa for their excellent work on the AWS ITF project.

Shout-Out for Sumair Sajid

Darin Jensen is grateful for Sumair's efforts to ensure that data reporting tasks are accomplished in a timely and seamless way.

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Shout-Out for the BRC team

Pratima Reddy is grateful for the exceptional help the BRC team offered for a recent conference booking.