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Shout-Out for Patricia Châu Nguyễn and Aimee Chang

APISA leadership appreciates all the contributions Patricia Châu Nguyễn and Aimee Chang have made.

Shout-Out for Alex Santos

APISA leadership appreciates Alex's above and beyond efforts on behalf of their organization.

Shout-Out for Devin Richards

Holly Demé appreciates Devin's collaboration and strategic planning skills.

Shout-Out for Connie Tremblay

Pratima Reddy is grateful to Connie Tremblay for being a rockstar recruiter for the TDS FA team.

Shout-Out for the Technology Delivery Services Financial Applications, Infrastructure Services and Security teams

Great teamwork and collaboration across several UCOP teams led to a smooth technology transition, says Pratima Reddy.

Shout-Out for Emily Weaver

Debi Young reports that Emily is a team player who supports all colleagues in being successful.

Shout-Out for Barbara Heilmann

Thanks to Barbara, four systemwide sustainability events were a huge success!

Shout-Out to Marie Hairston and the SWHRI team

"It was a fantastic networking and learning event, but most of all it was super fun!" says Merideth Wakeman.

Shout-Out for Alina Tejera

Colleagues, especially those new to UCOP, are grateful for Alina's support, patience and expertise.