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Shout-Out for Alex Santos and Beth Kellman

Alex Santos and Beth Kellman of Event Services helped make the 15th Berlin Open Access Conference a huge success.

Shout-Out for Barani Janakiraman and Ben Stevens

Barani and Ben willingly participated in a four-hour Zoom meeting to troubleshoot issues that came up during a Predictable Payroll project. Their efforts kept the project on schedule.

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Shout-Out for Lorrelie Esteban

Thanks to Lorrelie's solutions-focused mindset, the California Digital Library has experienced great service for their specific, time-sensitive needs.

Shout-Out for Carolin Mathew

Thanks to Carolin’s hard work on the Reporting Instance application, the project was a great success!

Shout-Out for External Relations and Communications Colleagues

Regents Analyst Clare Sheridan is grateful to colleagues for assistance in bringing the UC student regent recruitment effort online this year.

Shout-Out for Brian Russ

Thanks to Brian Russ, UC Health colleagues got the invaluable expertise they needed to develop an interagency agreement seamlessly.

Shout-Out for Latascha Magness-Cotton and Eddie Brown

Thanks to Latascha and Eddie’s great work, the Oakland move process has been seamless and quick for the Capital Asset Strategies & Finance team.