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Shout-Out for the BASC team

Daniel Estrada, Maynor Gutierrez, Mike Zelaya, and Juan Conrado

Daniel Estrada, Maynor Gutierrez, Mike Zelaya and Juan Conrado (Photo: Deborah Neal)

Project Policy Analyst Deborah Neal, UCOP Human Resources, sends a Shout-Out to the BASC Building and Administrative Service Center team: Mike Zelaya, lead mover and installer; Maynor Gutierrez, move and installation specialist; Daniel Estrada, administrative assistant; and Juan Conrado, Administrative Assistant.

“This team works tirelessly to keep the building running smoothly. Their dedication and hard work ensure our operations are seamless and efficient every day. Whether it’s reconfiguring a meeting room, finding a working easel or supplying the conference rooms, they consistently demonstrate a willingness to jump in and assist whenever needed, exemplifying true teamwork and professionalism.

“Additionally, I want to acknowledge their manager, Loreaner Lopez, who is a true leader. Loreaner’s guidance and support inspire the team to consistently deliver exceptional service. Her leadership is a cornerstone of the team’s success, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute effectively.”

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