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Shout-Outs for Veeresham Merugu and ITS colleagues

Sr. Oracle Cloud Applications Specialist Veeresham Merugu

Shout-Outs in Link are limited to 100 words, but we’ll make an exception if we receive multiple Shout-Outs for the same person in one week. Congratulations to Sr. Oracle Cloud Applications Specialist Veeresham Merugu and the other colleagues mentioned in this post!

From Amy Vrizuela

“A huge Shout-Out to Veeresham Merugu for developing a new report in Oracle FIS. Someone asked him to find a way to combine output from multiple existing reports, and after evaluating the requestor’s needs, he collaborated with the Business Resource Center to determine if additional data was needed. Veeresham’s new report allows users to view a request from start to finish in the Procure-to-Pay process — from requisition, to purchase order, to invoice payment. This new resource will meet the needs of many and benefit users across UCOP. Thank you, Veeresham, for providing us with great customer service!”

From Harvey Wong and Nina Lwai

“I’m sending a Shout-Out to Veeresham Merugu, DeShawn Boyd, Amy Vrizuela and the BRC and UCOP IT teams for our new Oracle New P2P Payment Reconciliation Report. UCOP users can now see the full life cycle of requisitions in the Procure-to-Pay process submitted by one or many members of their department all in one report. Sometimes innovation takes a village — from concept to defining business purpose, testing, collaboration, production and communication.  I hope all Oracle users see the Aug. 25 BRC Blast that describes step-by-step navigation to access the report and all the benefits too.” Editor’s note: See details of the new report below.

From Michelle Baniqued

“I’d like to give a Shout-Out to Veeresham Merugu. He and Swapna Rachamalla successfully rolled out, on short notice, a bulk-upload data entry option for Oracle that has been long requested by our campus clients, including customization for our needs, troubleshooting and thorough documentation. Thank you again for all your help!”

From Hugo Liang, Finance Officer (reprint)

“Onboarding to the Oracle system was not without its difficulties and challenges. At first, I was really frustrated with the process. Consultants left the project and we weren’t exactly where we needed to be. I’d like to thank Arun Duggal, Veeresham Merugu, Srivasu Kakarla, Swapna Rachamalla, Sanjay Shah, Partha Chakraborty, Ivan Sutanto, John Duys and their teams for their constant support after the conversion to Oracle and ongoing support as we discover new things to address. I appreciate that they always try to understand and work diligently to solve your problems. Thank you for cleaning up the mess that we and others have made in the system!”

Learn more about the new Procure-to-Pay report

The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Payment Reconciliation Report is new in the world of Oracle reporting. It allows users to run a query for all requisitions submitted by one or more requestors and includes:

  • Name of requestor
  • Requisitions creation and approval dates
  • Purchase order approval dates
  • Total purchase order dollar amount
  • Invoice number/s and amount/s paid
  • Payment type
  • Chart of account details

Users can now see the full life cycle of requisitions submitted by one or many members of their department all in one report. For more details, see the BRC Quick Reference Guide on how to run this report (SharePoint log in required).

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  1. Veeresham Merugu September 5, 2023 Reply

    Many thanks to all of you for the shout-out. It is a real motivation for me to continue thinking innovatively.

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