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10-Second Bio: Amy Vrizuela, former chair, PACSW

Link is proud to partner with the Office of Workplace Inclusion and Belonging to highlight employee resource group leaders who are volunteering their time to build UCOP’s culture and community.

Business Resource Center Director Amy Vrizuela just completed a term as chair of the President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW). She’s also an Alameda native who enjoys a vibrant soundtrack to her life. Learn what inspires Amy at work, at home and within PACSW.

Meet Amy

Business Resource Center Director Amy Vrizuela

  • Name: Amy Vrizuela
  • Title: Director
  • Department/Unit: Business Resource Center
  • Location: Oakland
  • When you started working at UCOP: August 20, 2001 (I just celebrated my 22-year anniversary!)
  • What you do at UCOP in 5 words or less: Expert knowledge, service excellence
  • The best part about working for OP: I love working in a centralized support unit that allows me to communicate with all functions across UCOP.  Where else can you support such a broad array of activities and programs?
  • Something your colleagues don’t know about you: I have a soundtrack for my life. It plays constantly (out loud or in my head), bringing me joy, helping me work through difficult times, raising my energy levels or calming me down. I listen to all types of music across almost every genre, and always welcome new songs I haven’t heard before.
  • One weird fact about the town you grew up in: Alameda, California, was once known as the Coney Island of the West. It featured an amusement park called Neptune Beach, which is now Crab Cove.
  • If you could have any job in the world (besides the one you have now), it would be… I would love to own and operate a small bar in a quaint tourist town where I could spend my days learning about the lives of everyone who passes through to visit.
  • Employee resource group you lead/colead: I’m the former chair of the President’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW).
  • How long you were a member: 6 years.
  • Your favorite part about belonging to this employee resource group (ERG): I really enjoyed the amazing opportunity to work with talented and insightful women across our organization, and to help provide them with support and opportunities.
  • Why you hope other colleagues will consider joining your ERG: It is so important to build connections at work, and not only in our own departments and divisions. Joining an ERG provides the opportunity to reach beyond our day to day, creating networks that benefit not only ourselves, but also our organization’s culture.

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