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Updates to the approval of contractors and consultants process

Do you sometimes hire outside contractors or consultants? If so, you’ll want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with an important update on the Business Resource Center (BRC) approval of contractors and consultants (AC&C) process.

What is the AC&C process?

The AC&C process requires pre-approval from subject matter experts within UCOP before hiring an outside contractor or consultant. The process helps to manage expenses and ensure that contractors and consultants are not hired for work that should be done by UCOP employees.

What’s new about the process?

After a thorough review and evaluation of the process, it has been determined that specific types of engagements no longer require an AC&C form. The form is required only when hiring a contractor/consultant creates a risk to the university.

The following situations no longer require an AC&C form:

  • Software purchases and maintenance
  • Building services agreements (excluding those governed by Article 5)
  • UC Press contractors and consultants (self-funded entity)
  • Grant-funded programs
  • “No cost extension” or allowed renewals initially written in the agreement
  • Professional service firms (knowledge workers) when an existing master service agreement is being exercised (This excludes staffing agreements.)

An AC&C form is required in the following situations:

  • Any service covered under Article 5 (including, but not limited to food services, security services, building maintenance, grounds and landscaping services, cleaning, custodial services, etc.)
  • IT or professional service staffing procured using a master service agreement
  • Creation of a contract with an independent contractor or consultant when no existing agreement is in place

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