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Health becomes a priority in climate conversations

Arianne Teherani, professor of medicine and education at UC San Francisco and cofounder of the UC Center for Climate, Health and Equity.

Arianne Teherani, founding co-director of the UC Center for Climate, Health and Equity, says that despite the dire and universal threats climate change poses to human health, the structure and leadership of the UN Climate Change Conference have never adequately considered the health implications of the climate crisis.

As the calendar winds down on the planet’s hottest year on record and nations take stock of climate shocks that have killed and harmed their citizens, that might finally be starting to change. For the first time ever, COP will feature a full day of programming dedicated to health.

Professor Teherani and other UC experts sat down with the UC Newsroom to share why it’s so important for climate change to be recognized as a global health emergency, and how UC is contributing to global conversations on this topic.

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