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UC launches e-bike discount program for students, staff and faculty

If you’re considering purchasing an e-bike, this is a great time! Thanks to the UC E-Bike Purchase Program, UC students, staff and faculty are now eligible for discounted pricing on multiple styles of bikes through four nationally recognized vendors — Dirwin Bike, Lectric Bike, Ride1Up and Velotric.

Dirwin e-bikes are one of the brands eligible for discounts under the UC program.

All four companies offer cost-effective pricing, opportunities for local purchase and assembly, maintenance support and a commitment to promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions. Discounted styles include commuter bikes, facilities/cargo bikes and collapsible or folding bikes. Depending on the vendor and model, discounts range from 15 to 60%.

This exciting new discount program was initiated through the UC Grad Student Union UAW agreement, then brought to fruition by Systemwide Procurement. It will provide fun, clean-air transportation for commutes to and from campus, as well as getting around local communities. The program helps UC community members make eco-friendly transportation choices that align with the university’s sustainability initiatives, while engaging in healthy exercise and spending more time outside. E-bikes will also help alleviate parking shortages at campuses and other UC locations.**

Additional money-saving opportunities may be available in the future for those who choose to purchase e-bikes through the program. Through its public request for proposals, Systemwide Procurement intentionally evaluated vendors with products that align with the specifications outlined in the California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposed California E-Bike Incentive Project. If that program launches, qualified students, staff and faculty may be able to get their entire e-bike purchase completely reimbursed. If the CARB program goes live, Systemwide Procurement plans to provide an update on how qualified bike models and individuals can access that state-run program.

To learn more about the UC E-Bike Purchase Program, read the full program details here or download a program overview (PDF) with detailed product and pricing information. To access discount details from each vendor or to purchase a bike, create an account at these dedicated UC landing pages: Dirwin Bike UC Program, Lectric Bike UC Program, Ride1Up UC Program and Velotric UC Program.

For questions about available bicycles and discounts, please contact each vendor using the links above.

E-bike parking at UCOP

Most UCOP locations allow daytime e-bike parking; charging of e-bikes is not permitted due to fire hazard.

**Editor’s note: Many UC campuses have policies regulating where and how e-bikes can be used, parked, charged and stored. If you do not work at a UCOP facility, we recommend contacting the facilities or transportation department at your location prior to purchasing an e-bike to ensure that you understand and are prepared to follow any restrictions related to your e-bike. 


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