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UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation launches new podcast series

The world is changing rapidly. Devastating wars are being fought in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The balance of global power is changing as China rises. The climate crisis is getting worse and more obvious. Democracy and human rights are being challenged around the globe.

Since 1983, the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) scholars from across the University of California and the UC-managed National Labs have used rigorous research, training, and policy engagement to improve policies and practices in ways that help reduce conflict and build a more peaceful world.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the IGCC has created and launched “The State of the World,” a “Talking Policy” miniseries featuring faculty from across the University of California on the biggest global challenges that will shape our future.

The series will explore threats to democracy, as well as democratic resilience; the global implications of China’s rise; nuclear weapons proliferation and how to limit their spread and use; and the security implications of climate change.

Simple, punchy interviews will help unpack these daunting questions and put things happening locally —whether in Los Angeles, Lagos, or Lausanne — into a broader context of what’s happening globally.

Listen to the first episode

1/15—Ep. 1: China (Tai Ming Cheung and Susan Shirk, UC San Diego)

Save the dates for upcoming sessions

  • 1/22—Ep. 2: War (Neil Narang, UC Santa Barbara, and Brandon Kinne, UC Davis)
  • 1/29—Ep. 3: Climate Change (Richard Matthew, UC Irvine, and Fonna Forman, UC San Diego)
  • 2/5—Ep. 4: Democracy (Courtenay Monroe, UC Merced, and Emilie Hafner-Burton, UC San Diego)
  • 2/12—Ep. 5: What Now? (Jerry Brown, IGCC Advisory Board Chair and former CA Governor)

New episodes will be posted on the IGCC SoundCloud page.


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