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BART Police share Oakland safety updates

BART Police Chief Kevin Franklin

BART Police Chief Kevin Franklin

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Chief Kevin Franklin recently announced some updates that the agency is taking to help protect community safety in the downtown area, along with some steps we all can take to protect our well-being while continuing to support the downtown Oakland community and businesses.

New BART safety patrols around Kaiser Center

As of Feb. 16, community service officers (CSOs) from the BART Police Department (BART PD) are providing high-visibility patrols throughout the morning and daytime working hours, Monday through Friday. BART PD’s sworn officers will provide additional security presence in the area overnight.

Patrols will cover all streets bordering BART headquarters, as well as nearby blocks:

  • 21st Street, from Broadway to Kaiser Plaza
  • 22nd Street, from Webster to Kaiser Plaza
  • Broadway, from Thomas L. Berkley Way to 21st Street
  • Kaiser Plaza, from 21st Street to 22nd Street
  • Thomas L. Berkley Way, from Broadway to Webster
  • Webster Street, from Thomas L. Berkley Way to 22nd Street

Please refer to the patrol map at the bottom of this article for a visual representation.

Support local businesses – while being aware of your surroundings

Downtown Oakland employers play a key role in a thriving Oakland. Active spaces with pedestrians are safe spaces, but BART encourages everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to take proactive safety measures:

  • Be mindful and aware of what is going on around you
  • Keep cellphones in your pocket
  • Do not wear headphones while you’re walking around
  • Walk in a group, whenever possible

If you see something, say something:

  • Call 911 if you see any suspicious behavior.
  • For safety issues in BART areas, contact BART PD:
    — Call 510-464-7000
    — Text non-emergency needs to 510-200-0992
    — Download the free BART Watch app available on the App Store and Google Play to make a report with your phone.

Oakland buddy escort program

To help promote safe pedestrian experiences while walking to BART, parking areas or elsewhere, the Uptown Downtown Oakland Oakland Community Benefits District provides a buddy escort program with their ambassadors. To request a buddy escort, call 15 minutes in advance at 510-898-8592. The ambassadors operate every day from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.

For further questions about safety in Oakland, contact

BART Kaiser area patrol map

BART February 2024 Patrol Map

BART February 2024 Oakland Patrol Map

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  1. Trish Dolan February 20, 2024 Reply

    What about 11th, 12th and 13th Street? This is the area that impacts all of us at 1111 Franklin and the new Broadway Bldg offices, and this BART update does not include us. Very disappointing…

    • Jody Stiger February 20, 2024 Reply

      BART started having additional patrols at 11th St back in November. We meet with them regularly to get updates on crime in the area.

  2. Lisa Minniefield February 20, 2024 Reply

    Not sure how this will make OP staff feel comfortable as those areas even close to the 12th St. Bart station. 9th St.–15th Streets are where OP staff are most affected. It makes no sense to why this was in the Link. Great way to anger more of us that already don’t feel safe.

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