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LinkedIn Learning FAQs

All UCOP staff have free access to LinkedIn Learning! You can activate your free account here. Log in with your single sign-on (the username and password you use for your computer and other UCOP applications).

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Learning?

  • Unlimited access to more than 13,000 video tutorials that cover topics such as people management, leadership, software and new technologies, creative skills and more
  • Personalized recommendations based on your job and industry trends
  • Expert instructors — learn from industry leaders
  • Convenient learning on your schedule, accessible from any desktop or mobile device

Is LinkedIn Learning an accessible platform?
Yes, all courses are accessible.

Do I need a LinkedIn account?
No. You do not need a LinkedIn account.

Do I have to connect LinkedIn learning to my personal LinkedIn account?
No, connecting your personal LinkedIn account is optional.

If I connect my personal LinkedIn account with LinkedIn Learning, what information will I be sharing with LinkedIn?
Your name, current title and any professional experience or skills you have already shared on your LinkedIn profile.

If I connect my personal LinkedIn account with LinkedIn Learning, what information will I be sharing with UCOP?
UCOP will not have access to your private LinkedIn account or activities.

Why might I want to link my personal LinkedIn account?

  • To get targeted course recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile
  • If you leave UCOP, any courses you complete will remain connected to your LinkedIn account — as will any certificates of completion for learning paths

What if I already use LinkedIn Learning on my own?
You will now be able to access LinkedIn Learning at no charge.

What if my team already has LinkedIn Learning?
Please contact Annie Prozan for assistance with consolidating your membership.

I am a manager. Can I assign classes to my staff?
Yes, please contact

Are there any specific courses that UCOP recommends?
Yes; our UCOP LinkedIn Learning Collections include courses that have been personally vetted and recommended by the Learning and Development team. Access UCOP recommended classes and collections (log in required).

Where can I get training and support on using LinkedIn Learning?

Who can I talk to if I still have questions or need more help?
For further questions or technical support, please contact UCOP Learning and Development at