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First-generation UC alumni will share their personal experiences, provide advice and discuss what it truly means to be the first in your family to attend college.

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The UC Alumni Career Network will explore quiet quitting and the first-gen college experience

Join us to gain insights, information and connections geared towards launching, growing and expanding your career opportunities.

UC Berkeley students

UC admits a record number of CA residents and underrepresented freshmen

UC admitted a record number of CA freshmen to its incoming class of undergraduate students and its largest class of underrepresented freshmen in the system’s history for fall 2023.

Zabdi Velásquez

A social mobility success story

Zabdi Velásquez is one of many success stories in the Class of 2023, reflecting UC's strength as an agent of social and economic mobility. 

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Learn from UC graduates who were first in their families to graduate from college as they share their stories, tips and advice for navigating the professional workplace.