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Welcome to your new weekly newsletter for the Office of the President.

Some of the University’s most exceptional stories and people are right here at the Office of the President. This newsletter is intended to be a place to share those stories, celebrate the significant contributions you and your colleagues make, keep you informed of important news, and be a forum for dialogue.

We also hope this newsletter will help you get to know your UCOP colleagues better, no matter which building, office or city you’re in.  You may even finally learn who that person is that you always see on the elevator but still don’t know.  And as Katie mentioned in her final weekly message, this newsletter is also intended to keep everyone informed on our progress in redefining the Office of the President. Through a centralized event calendar, you’ll stay abreast all UCOP events. And importantly, through open forums, we’ll give you an avenue to share your ideas, questions and feedback.

Ultimately, this publication is for and about you, so let us know what you want in it. What would help you do your job better? What would help you better understand how your role contributes to UC’s success?  How can we help you get to know your colleagues on different floors and in different locations? What would get you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next issue to hit your inbox? (OK, maybe not so much, but you get the point.)  We also want your suggestions on a name – what should we call this publication?

So please take a couple minutes and fill out this survey. But please let us hear back from you by September 21.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy your new newsletter.

Alexis Endicott
UCOP Communications

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