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Become savvier at working with colleagues of all ages

Learn how to maximize intergenerational teams for stronger connections and more collaborative work.

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Become an expert communicator with these courses

Become an expert workplace communicator with this three-course series from UCOP Learning and Development.

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Learn the building blocks of emotional intelligence

Learn the basics of emotional intelligence and easy-to-implement practices to enhance your self-awareness, grow your social awareness and better connect with the people around you.

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Build dialogue with colleagues at a 3Practice Circle session

Help us build a UCOP culture where all employees feel comfortable voicing their thoughts, opinions and concerns.

UCOP launches 3Practice Circle sessions to inspire open conversation

Opportunities to participate in 3Practice Circle sessions are scheduled through 2022. Register today to participate!

Boost your communication skills!

Develop the communication skills you need to excel in any role.

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New classes: Become a better communicator

Communication is an essential skill. Are you doing enough to develop it?

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Mark National Email Week with helpful self-paced training videos

Are you up to speed on all things email? Check out these quick videos to boost your digital communications skills.

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Kick off your summer learning with Zoom, Box and more!

If you could use some bonus summer plans, consider dedicating some of your time to boosting your career.