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TechTopic: Spam filters

Have you ever expected an e-mail message but didn’t get it? Perhaps a UCOP announcement? Sometimes legitimate e-mail ends up in the junk e-mail folder.

What To Do:

Check your junk e-mail folder periodically! If you see a message that isn’t junk,

  • Right click on the message
  • Select junk e-mail
  • Click on ‘add sender’ to safe senders list
  • Messages from that sender will now go to your inbox

—Check your deleted items folder, too, just in case…

Summary of Spam Filtering

UCOP uses two levels of spam filtering:

  1. At the server level when e-mail arrives at UCOP. Tumbleweed, our server-level spam filter, labels suspected spam as junk and diverts it from your inbox. Tumbleweed forwards all other e-mail to your inbox, both legitimate e-mail and messages it has labeled as “bulk,” which are items sent to a large number of people. You can “train” Tumbleweed to classify messages to your specifications. See basic steps for managing the spam report , a report e-mailed to you from that lists all messages Tumbleweed has filtered.
  2. Within Outlook: At the desktop level, Outlook filters the external e-mail sent by Tumbleweed to the inbox, or internal e-mail that comes directly from UCOP addresses. The TechDesk cannot control the Outlook spam filter, which occasionally and inexplicably directs e-mail from UCOP senders to the junk folder. So again, it’s important to check your junk folder!

If you have questions, please contact the TechDesk at 987-0450 or

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