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UCOP guests must be pre-registered at iVisitor

Please remember to pre-register visitors to the Franklin building through iVisitor, the online security tool.

Guests who arrive at the front desk without pre-registration create logistical difficulties for the security guards, and make it more difficult for them to attend to their other duties. The problem has become more acute recently, with more large numbers of visitors showing up at the Franklin building without pre-registration.

iVisitor is a quick and easy way to allow visitor access to the Franklin building. Users may access iVisitor from the Building Services home page by clicking on the iVisitor link. To use the online tool, you need to obtain a user name and password from building services. If you don’t already have one, request it at:

Once you’ve logged in, you will be able to pre-register visitors and allow them access to the Franklin Building. Upon arrival at the front desk, the visitor will be given a printed badge that states the visitor by name, which employee the guest will be visiting, and what location in the building they will be visiting.

For additional information on iVisitor contact Building Services at (510) 987-0600 or via email at:

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