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April 15 deadline for 2009 FSA claims and StayWell health assessment

Conexis Claim Filing Deadline for 2009 FSA claims:

•    As a reminder, all 2009 FSA claims (both Health FSA and DepCare) must be submitted to Conexis by April 15, 2010. Mailed claims must be postmarked by the deadline to be processed. This date is earlier than previous years.

•    A reimbursement claim form, along with all required documentation for eligible expenses should be submitted. This includes any receipts, explanation of benefits statements or other documentation required to validate purchases made with the Conexis Health FSA card. If a claim was denied due to lack of substantiation, the denial form along with the documentation should be submitted.

•    If the submitted claim is not complete (missing documentation, missing forms, lack of signature, etc) the claim will be denied and participants will need to appeal the denial using the Conexis appeal process as described in the denial notice. There will be no extension period for participants to make corrections to claims or provide additional documentation.

•    It is important for all employees to review their accounts to determine if any further documentation is required by Conexis and confirm any remaining amount on the 2009 account. IRS rules require that individuals forfeit any balances left after the filing deadline of 4/15/10.

•    Due to the high volume of claims being submitted this time of year, Conexis is currently reporting backlog in their FSA claim processing time.  Participant claims do not show on the participant website until the claims have been processed. Please do not submit duplicate claims as it will only add to the backlog.

•    Employees may review their accounts by logging in at Conexis. To review the 2009 accounts select “view my prior plans”.

•    If there are questions about the account or questions about claim validation requirements, contact Conexis directly at 1-800-482-4120.

StayWell Health Assessment Deadline

April 15, 2010 is the deadline to complete the StayWell Health assessment and receive a gift card. Employees receive a $100 gift card and a spouse/domestic partner receives a $50 gift card. To qualify for the incentive, employees must be enrolled in a UC medical plan (except Kaiser) on 1/1/10. (Represented employees should check to see if their union has agreed to participate in the StayWell program.)

UC offers this program as part of its commitment to the well-being of its employees. After completing the confidential questionnaire, employees can identify health risks and receive information/tools to address those risks. UC does not receive any of this information and the participant can also determine whether they want any of the information shared with their medical plan.

The 2010 Health Assessment completion goal for UC is 60% of eligible employees/family members. Currently overall system wide participation is at 34%, UCSF Campus participation is 37.6% and UCOP participation is 42%.

For more information and to complete the health assessment, visit the StayWell website

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