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Linda Glasscock to retire April 30

After 29 years of service to the University, Linda Glasscock, director of programs and policy resources, will retire this Friday.
Next up: having more time to travel, garden, and play golf.
“A lot of my friends have already retired, and most of them say that you spend the first six months figuring out what you want to do,” Glasscock said. “I’m looking forward to having the time.”
Her colleagues in Labor Relations say she will be missed.
“Linda has been an extraordinary asset both to the Office of the President and UC San Francisco,” said Howard Pripas, director of employee relations. “For many years, Linda provided cohesiveness and sage advice to colleagues in the Office of Labor Relations and throughout the UC system.”
Glasscock moved from Michigan in 1981 and took a labor relations job at UCSF Medical Center. It was a world away from Michigan and from Kansas, where she grew up.
“Seeing the enormity of the buildings on the Parnassus campus – it was like a little city. I was kind of in awe, and wondered ‘How am I going to figure this all out?’”
It was shortly after California passed the law allowing public employees to organize, so Glasscock was involved in UC’s first labor negotiations. Today, UC has 13 systemwide employee unions, representing about 78,000 people.
“I’ve seen it from the very beginning,” she said. “A lot of people think labor relations is adversarial and confrontational, but the people who do it are in it to find agreement and common ground.”
During her tenure, she also worked to integrate employees from Mt. Zion hospital into UCSF, and was involved with employee relations for the merger, then dissolution, of the partnership between Stanford Hospital and UCSF.
In 2000, she moved across the Bay to UCOP, where she has worked ever since.
“I’m going to miss all the wonderful people I’ve worked with,” Glasscock said. “The University is a great institution that touches so many lives.  I am proud to be part of the University and its mission – especially the great patient care and research that is done at the Medical Centers.”

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