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Staff Snapshot: Lisa Nguyen, marketing guru and hockey fan

In the latest issue of UCnetwork, Lisa shares the sense of authenticity she's discovered at UC.

Steve Monfort introduces UC’s natural reserves

Steve Monfort, executive director of the UC Natural Reserve System shares why biodiversity is the key to our future and how UC’s reserves are its best-kept secret.

Staff Snapshot: Jody Stiger, safety expert and foodie

In the latest issue of UCnetwork, Jody discusses his fascinating career and what inspires him in his role leading community safety for the university.

Staff Snapshot: Pheather R. Harris, STEM diversity trailblazer

In the latest issue of UCnetwork, Pheather shares how two impactful conversations shaped her life and career, and explains her inspiration for creating a faculty education series to support underrepresented students in STEM.

Callale Concon

Meet UCOP: Q&A with Ombudsperson Callale Concon

Callale provides individual and group counsel to staff, as well as partnering closely with other teams to make UCOP a safe and equitable workplace.

Jo Mackness, staff advisor designate to the Regents

Meet Jo Mackness, staff advisor designate to the Regents

Jo brings experience gained from a people-focused career, as well as a passion for leadership and connection, to the staff advisor role.

Meet UC Berkeley’s Ruben E. Canedo

Ruben calls upon his own life experiences to mentor and enrich others, and to inspire change.

Cheryl Lloyd

Meet Cheryl Lloyd, puzzle solver and football fan

When Cheryl isn’t hard at work charting new solutions to employee-focused business needs, you can find her cheering on her hometown team!

Meet Amina Assefa, UC’s expert on planning for the worst

As UC continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic, Amina has led systemwide efforts to keep students, faculty and staff safe and informed. Here’s how she got into disaster relief work — and what inspires her today.

Meet OP’s John Sims and his push for an “equal playing field”

After more than 30 years working in employment law, equal opportunity in the workplace is still what drives John Sims. “I want people to be treated fairly,” Sims said. “If everyone has equal opportunity, and