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Shout out to IR&C staff for payroll support

The Business Resource Center Payroll Team sends a huge thank you to Sundar Thiru and Partha Chakraborty of IR&C, both located at 415 20th St., for their assistance in preparing the 2011 timesheets.

Sundar and Partha designed an Excel macro that automatically rolled forward employee data and year-end accrual balances from each employee’s prior year timesheet, saving the BRC Payroll Team a significant amount of time and effort.

Thank you, Sundar and Partha!

Ana Trejo, Payroll Team Lead, Business Resource Center

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  1. Emily Montan April 12, 2011 Reply

    Sorry to read it took technical folks at that level to develop a macro in Excel. Aren’t Analysts supposed to have those skills? Just a question…

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