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If you use paper high-value BART tickets, take action by Sept. 5

Commuter Check Direct (CCD), the vendor who administers the UCOP pre-tax commuter program, will no longer offer paper BART high-value tickets as of the October 2011 benefit month.

As communicated in a July 22 email from CCD to about 240 UCOP staff who will be affected, if you currently have an existing order for paper BART tickets, you must change your order on or before September 5, 2011, using one of three options via the CCD website.

BART high-value products will be available only through the Autoload Program with Clipper, using the Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard. You then associate this card with the Autoload Program and continue to receive the pre-tax benefit of the high-value BART products.

Alternatively, you can order Clipper E-cash or commuter check vouchers, which can then be redeemed for Clipper E-cash. However, using Clipper E-cash will not provide the bonus value ($48 for $45 or $64 for $60) that you are used to receiving with the BART high-value ticket.

Here’s how the options work:

Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard Option

  1. Order the Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard and choose an initial load value that will cover your monthly commute. This same value will then be deducted from your payroll. Don’t forget to select the recurring option if you wish to have the same value loaded onto your Commuter Check Card each month or for selected months. Upon receiving your card, activate it immediately by calling the number on the back of the card.
  2. If you have not yet done so, obtain a Clipper card from at participating transit agency ticket offices or retail locations (e.g., Walgreens). Once you receive your Clipper card, register it at
  3. With your Commuter Check Card in hand, go to the Set Up Autoload page on the Clipper website at
  4. Enter your Commuter Check Card information and select the BART high-value product. Your BART funds, either $48 or $64 or multiples thereof, will be uploaded onto your Clipper card within three days.

Please also note the following:

When your balance falls below $10, Clipper will automatically pull funds from your Commuter Check MasterCard to load the same fare product. Once you set up autoload, your transit benefit will load directly onto your Clipper card, and there is no need to carry your Commuter Check Card with you.

The Commuter Check MasterCard has a load limit of $2,760. The funds reside there until pulled by autoload. This allows you to avoid the $300 load limit for Clipper cards. Also, if you later choose to use a transit provider outside the Clipper system, you will have the flexibility to do so. (Clipper does not allow for refunds of funds loaded onto the Clipper card.)

Make sure you keep enough funds on your Commuter Check MasterCard. Commuter Check Direct is not responsible for how you use the funds on the Commuter Check Card, in this case as a funding source for your Clipper card. If autoload pulls and there is not sufficient funding, the card will be blocked until you contact Clipper customer service to restart the process or supply another card number.  Also, if you cancel your Commuter Check Card order with Commuter Check Direct, you also must remember to cancel your autoload option with Clipper card or autoload will continue to pull the fund from your Commuter Check Card.

Clipper Card E-cash Option

Clipper card users may order E-cash to be uploaded directly onto their Clipper card. Select Clipper as your provider and choose Clipper E-Cash. This option eliminates use of the Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard. However, these orders are assessed a $2.00 monthly transaction fee, and you will also lose the bonus value of the BART high-value tickets because E-cash is not currently accepted as a funding source for Clipper’s autoload option.

Commuter Check Voucher Option

Commuter Check Vouchers can still be used to load funds onto Clipper E-cash at any of the 400 Clipper retail outlets. For a list of locations please visit

(Note that payments for BART parking require a separate transaction. The easiest way to pay for daily parking is to link your Clipper card to EZ Rider parking. Go to for more details.)

Be sure to plan ahead to make these changes by Sept. 5, 2011, so you will be ready to roll for the October benefit month.

If you have questions, please contact Commuter Check Direct at 888-235-9223 or

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