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President Yudof appears on national TV to address public education costs

UC President Mark Yudof appeared on CBS Evening News Sunday, Oct. 30, speaking about California’s ongoing budget crunch and its effect on students in the state’s public institutions of higher education.

The College Board last week reported that tuition and fees at public four-year colleges now average $8,244 a year, up 8.3 percent from last year. But California students are being hit particularly hard, with cuts from the state’s four-year universities exceeding $1.5 billion over the past four years.

“I think the priorities are all upside down,” Yudof said. “California has been disinvesting from higher education. We’re spending a lot more on prisons than we spend on universities. Apparently we’re more devoted to them than to our young people.”

Yudof also appeared at the Commonwealth Club last week, Tuesday, Oct. 25, in Lafayette, where he spoke on The Fate of Higher Education in California.

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