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Access UCOP email from your personal mobile device

Shirley Bittlingmeier, Director of IT Infrastructure Services, announced that, effective Tuesday, Feb. 7, UCOP employees will be able to access their UCOP email from personally owned mobile devices, including smartphones and iPads.

Go to the Information Technology Services (ITS) website for general instructions for configuring device settings to access UCOP e-mail. Because each model requires different procedures, ITS cannot provide detailed instructions. For support, please contact your cellular carrier or the store where you purchased the equipment.

Please note that you are responsible for configuring and securing your personally owned devices. ITS recommends that you activate the password lock on smartphones to protect data in case of loss or theft. It is also recommended that you make yourself aware of your responsibility to protect University-restricted data (including financial account numbers, Social Security numbers, ethnicity and dates of birth) and to take steps to ensure that such data is not used or stored on your personal mobile device.

See the following links for additional information about protecting data:

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  1. John Kunze February 21, 2012 Reply

    This is great. Is there a way also to get the Outlook calendar onto my mobile phone?

    • pmeagher February 24, 2012 Reply

      General instructions appear on the ITS website at You should be able to use your personal smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, etc) to access your email, calendar and contact information. The TechDesk cannot handle this for you because they are not permitted to work with personal devices. Please contact the vendor or your phone carrier for instructions if you need help with the settings provided on the website.

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