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MUNI and BART fares to increase July 1

Using BART and MUNI will cost you more starting Sunday, July 1, 2012.

BART fares will increase by an average of five cents per trip. The MUNI adult fast pass and adult MUNI-only fast pass will go up $2 for a total cost of $64 and $74, respectively. MUNI’s monthly passes for youth, seniors and disabled riders will go up $1 for a total cost of $22.

Commuter Check Direct has notified only those program participants who have their tickets loaded directly onto their Clipper cards. But commuters who use the Commuter Check Card Prepaid Mastercard or the Commuter Check Voucher as funding sources for either their Clipper card or a direct transit pass purchase may not be aware of these fare increases.

Although the cost and value on your Clipper card balance will remain the same, the higher BART fares will draw down your ticket value more quickly. Also, be aware that Commuter Check Direct has already processed orders for the current benefit month, so any adjustments you make now will not be reflected until your August order.

Call Clipper Customer Service at 877-878-8883 if you have questions about your account, or follow these links to check your balances and make any adjustments needed to cover the fare increases:

>>Check the balance on the funding source linked to your Clipper card.

>>Check your Commuter Check Direct account to review balances and make changes.

>>Find out more about BART fare increases.

>>Find out more about MUNI fare increases.

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