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Check out social media guidelines and start posting to Link

Did you know that you can post comments to Link for your UCOP colleagues to see and respond to?

One of the key goals of Link is to help foster open dialogue and a sense of community, which is why it’s built on a platform that allows UCOP staff the opportunity to comment on stories. Just go down to the bottom of any Link story page and key in your comment to start the conversation. (You must also type the two words in the CAPTCHA box for security purposes.) Then hit “Submit Comment.”

UCOP invites users to submit comments about any information we post, as long as comments are shared respectfully. Link also requests that you comment through your UCOP email account so that your co-workers know who is responding.

Also now available are UCOP’s social media guidelines. The guidelines, which are meant to foster communication via social media, describe the do’s and don’ts of online commenting, including such behaviors as staying on topic, adding value to the conversation and avoiding abusive language.

The guidelines also include links to several UC codes, policies and terms governing faculty, staff and students that may apply to social media use.

Developed by UCOP in consultation with legal, human resources, information technology, policy and communications people, the guidelines are available as a PDF and on the UC Facebook page.

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