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Printing Smarter 2.0—next steps coming in August

Now that nearly 100 new Xerox devices have been installed in UCOP’s four Oakland locations, the next stage of Printing Smarter will kick in next month with several operational changes.

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, the UCOP Copy Center will permanently close its doors. That will be followed by implementation of new methods for capturing charges for print services and for accessing the new multifunction devices specifically for copying, faxing and scanning jobs.

Sounds complicated, you say. But what’s most important is that all these changes are designed to increase efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness, said Business Operations Manager Aaron McCoy, who is now overseeing Printing Smarter operations.

“The good news about these procedures is that we will soon be able to provide detailed data about printing and copying usage,” McCoy adds. “This will give departments greater transparency, security, accountability and tracking of their printing activity.”

The need for Copy Center services has been steadily diminishing, McCoy said. About 30 regular customers have been notified and provided with alternative vendors for their high-volume jobs. Senior Reprographics Lead Kamlesh Kumari will stay at OP and move into a new role in the Work Management Center to support the new devices.

In the coming weeks, print jobs will begin to be tracked to capture user data and reallocate charges to departments based on actual usage. Rates will be $.02 for black-and-white printing and $.18 for color, with charges assessed per click (i.e., a double-sided or two-page document counts as two clicks).

These are not new expenses for departments, McCoy emphasized, adding that print services charges in the past were disbursed in ways that were not always visible to departments.

The goal is for departments and individual employees to use the data to make intelligent decisions and think more sustainably about printing services and resources, he added. For example, do you really need to print something in color, or would black and white serve just as well?

A similar tracking process will later be phased in for copying, scanning and faxing. But since these functions are initiated at the multifunction devices, it will require users to log on to the devices much as you log on to your computer.

That logon procedure is now being tested, and more details will be communicated in the coming weeks about how it works and when it will be implemented.

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