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Cyber security: Know how to protect UC’s and your information

Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Now in its 10th year, National Cyber Security Awareness Month is designed to raise awareness about the increased risk to privacy and information security posed by today’s advanced digital technologies.

It’s a good time to remind yourself that no single individual, business or government entity alone can assure a safe and secure Internet. Everyone has an important role in securing their own cyberspace, including the devices, networks and information they use.

To reinforce this message, UCOP last year launched an online course on Information Security Awareness that provides an overview of how you can protect the university’s and your own information. You can take the course through the UC Learning Center.

The course will help you help the university support its obligation to protect the information it collects from faculty, staff, students, patients, suppliers or anyone else in the course of conducting business.

In addition to information security basics, course content includes background on threats to information security like password breaches and phishing scams and best practices to help protect the university’s information and prevent computing system compromises. It also provides valuable tips on how to prevent breaches of your and your family’s personal information at home.

You can access the course right now through the UC Learning Center:

  • Sign in with your UCOP login and password.
  • Using the search box on the top left, type in “Information Security Awareness.”
  • The course name and description will appear; be sure to select the OP_SECURITY option.
  • Click “start” to launch the course; note that you must enable cookies in order for the course to begin.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

Questions? Contact Information Security Director Jon Good at

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