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UCPath undergoing project health check

UCPath’s new leadership team has launched a health check, a survey-based assessment designed to take the pulse of the project and establish an information baseline for future project decisions.

The health check is designed to:

  • Summarize the current status of all aspects of the project.
  • Identify project strengths and weaknesses.
  • Examine current management oversight and project governance.
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the project.

The health check includes a stakeholder survey, analysis of project activities and financials, review of current work products, assessment of resources and skills, and discussions with project representatives at each UC location.

“This is a learning opportunity for all of us on the UCPath project,” said Mark Cianca, deputy chief information officer and new co-leader of the UC Path project. “It’s a chance to stand back and find out where our strengths are and how we can better use them, and to pinpoint our weaknesses and address those as well.”

Cianca and Project Director Sabu Varghese took over as co-leaders of the UCPath project after Anthony Lo, inaugural project director, stepped down in August. Cianca has been with the project since its inception and has worked in the UC system for more than two decades.

Formerly a principal of the BenMar Group, Varghese brings to the project 17 years of experience in implementing PeopleSoft, the software application underlying UCPath. His experience includes working with health care operations and institutions of higher education.

In early September, more than 400 UCPath project team members were asked to complete a health check survey. More than 84 percent of the surveys were completed and returned. The results are still being analyzed, and recommendations are expected later this fall.

Varghese said that it’s too early to predict what changes will be implemented when the process is complete, but everything is on the table.

“We are trying to make sure that we have the right resources, focused in the right areas, at the right time,” he added. “This process has made us aware that many people believe there is a need for improvement. But the most important thing we have learned is that our stakeholders, team members and leadership have a strong belief that UCPath is a necessary and crucial initiative for the university.”

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