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UC Living Well: Get rewarded for taking simple, healthy steps

UC staff walkingWe all want to live healthier, happier lives. UC Living Well, UC’s systemwide wellness initiative, is partnering with Optum in 2014 to offer innovative programs and services to UC employees and retirees — including Kaiser members.

Optum is a health and well-being company serving nearly 60 million people. As part of their unique offerings, Optum developed a wellness portal that allows people to create a personalized and private health website. You can even earn rewards by completing simple activities, many of them online.

When you earn 7,500 points, you’ll receive a $75 Visa© Rewards prepaid card. Use your Rewards card anywhere Visa is accepted. This program is available to employees and retirees. Spouses and domestic partners are not eligible for the rewards card, but they may participate in the UC Living Well coaching and online programs. Here’s how it works.

First, complete the Total Health Profile.
It takes just 15 minutes and you’ll earn 5,000 points. Find out your health age and learn helpful tips for improving your health and reducing your risks. Your responses and results are kept strictly confidential. To complete your Total Health Profile, go to the Living Well website, select the I WANT/I GET button and log on. The website is organized into three parts: I AM, I DO and I GET. You’ll find the Total Health Profile under I AM. You’ll receive credit upon completion.

Take part in Wellness Coaching programs, online or by phone.
The Wellness website may suggest programs based on your Total Health Profile results. Earn 2,500 points for completing an online Wellness Coaching program. These are found in the I DO section. Each program has helpful articles and fun tools and trackers to help you see your progress.

You can also earn 2,500 points for simply enrolling in a telephonic Wellness Coaching program. Earn another 2,500 points for completing it. Programs are available to help you create (and stick to) an exercise plan, lose weight, quit smoking and manage stress. There are also programs that help with diabetes and heart health.

Working one-on-one with a wellness coach by phone may be just what you need to jumpstart your fitness plan. Call 1-855-688-9775 to learn more about wellness coaching.

Join us for on-campus UC Living Well activities.
Your UC campus or medical center offers a variety of health and wellness activities, including wellness challenges, UC Walks and group fitness programs. You can receive points for taking part in up to two on-campus UC Living Well activities.

Contact your local wellness coordinator to find out about on-campus activities. You can find their contact information on the UC Living Well website.

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