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UC faculty and staff now receiving disability survey via email

UC faculty and staff will soon receive an email asking them to complete a brief survey about their disability status.

Beginning April 3, employees will receive an email from the sender with a link to the voluntary survey. UC has hired VR Election Service (VRES) to administer the survey on its behalf.

The email will also include a unique PIN that VRES has assigned to each individual to use with the survey. You must enter the PIN and the month and date of your birth to authenticate that you are the person taking the survey.

The one-question survey, which allows employees to identify themselves as disabled, is required of federal government contractors as part of recent changes to federal regulations. UC receives billions of dollars in federal contracts and grants annually and is one of the largest government contractors.

The new rules require UC to administer the survey now and then every five years in order to collect data on employees who become disabled while employed, as well as those with existing disabilities who may feel more comfortable self-identifying after they have been employed for some time. UC will use the collected data to assess employment practices and recruitment efforts; it will remain confidential. More information about UC’s privacy policy is available here.

The Department of Labor made the regulations changes to address a substantial lag in the employment rate of individuals with disabilities that persists despite technological advancements that have made it possible for people with disabilities to apply for and successfully perform a broad array of jobs. For more information about the rules change and the survey, visit the Department of Labor Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs website.

UC provides reasonable accommodation to employees who are disabled or become disabled and need assistance to perform the essential functions of their positions.

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