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EVP Brostrom announces 3 percent increase for non-represented staff

An announcement from Executive Vice President Nathan Brostrom on the 2014–15 salary increase:

Dear UCOP Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that President Napolitano has authorized a 3 percent salary increase for policy-covered (non-represented) staff for the 2014–15 fiscal year.

This raise, the third in the past fours years for non-represented staff, underlines leadership’s commitment to a regular, predictable salary program as a way of recognizing and thanking you for your hard work and dedication to our great university.

For most employees, the increase will appear in the July 16 paycheck if you are paid biweekly, or in the Aug. 1 paycheck if you are paid monthly. In some exceptional cases, increases may be higher or lower than 3 percent as managers and division heads deem appropriate. Some contract staff are also eligible, depending on their status and contract terms. Those ineligible for the increase include represented staff, those with limited or academic appointments, TOPS employees and student/casual restricted employees.

Thanks again for your ongoing service to the university and the people of California.

Please feel free to direct any questions to John Fox, executive director of UCOP Human Resources, at



Nathan Brostrom
Executive Vice President
Business Operations


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