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Have you checked out the online course for managers and supervisors?

If you haven’t had a chance to check out UC’s new online course for people managers, take a look at the above video for a quick introduction to UC Performance Management, a series of eight learning modules that you can take anytime and anywhere online.

The course can be accessed through the UC Learning Center. Developed in part in response to the 2012 UC Staff Engagement Survey, it represents an expansion and enrichment of training for those who are new to managing people, want a refresher, want to develop their managerial skills or aspire to a managerial role.

“Results are achieved through people, and better results are achieved through engaged employees,” said Dwaine Duckett, Vice President of Systemwide Human Resources. “These e-courses are among the best I’ve seen at describing the critical role managers play and providing resources to help them develop their people. I encourage anyone who wants to hone their skills as a manager to start here.”

Course content covers the fundamentals of performance management at the University of California. It’s designed to explain systemwide practices, help managers better understand their role and retain motivated, engaged employees.

The eight modules, each 30 to 60 minutes in length, cover setting performance goals, giving and receiving feedback, engaging and motivating employees, conducting performance appraisals, managing corrective action and other content. Also included are best practices, tools, assessments and interactive scenarios.

UCOP HR is developing a plan to hold facilitated discussion groups among course participants to work with their peers in further exploring the course content and discussing real-world applications. Also under way is a certification process for those who complete the courses and discussion groups.

Go to the UC Learning Center to access the course at any time that’s convenient for you; simply log in with your credentials and search for the course by name.

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  1. Yasmeen Al-Farouk November 17, 2014 Reply

    UC Performance Management. This is wonderful; especially since I can take the courses on my schedule. Thank you!!

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