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Retirement Review helps you see if you’re on track for retirement

If you’re wondering whether you’ll have the money you need when you’re ready to retire, UC’s Retirement Review, featuring your personalized retirement readiness score, is just the tool to help you.

The updated version, based on your pay during November 2014 and your contributions to the 403(b), 457(b) and DC Plans as of Dec. 31, 2014, is now available.

Your retirement readiness score is the percentage of your current income you’re on track to have at age 65 from both parts of the UC Retirement System—the UC Retirement Plan pension benefit and the Retirement Savings Program.

Your retirement readiness score lets you quickly see in one place whether you’ll be ready for retirement when you want to be. But remember: the calculation of your score assumes you will work for UC until you reach age 65. Chances are you’ll work for several employers during your career, so make sure you factor that into your planning.

It’s easy to see what you’re on track to have from your UC retirement benefits—and how that stacks up against what you may need in retirement. Your retirement readiness score can also reflect your non-UC sources of income if you enter information about those sources into the modeling tool.

Here’s how to check your readiness score:
 From the homepage, click the “Personalized Retirement Roadmap” tab and log in using your Fidelity username and password. You’ll immediately see your personalized retirement readiness score and suggested next steps.

Want to see what happens when you increase your 403(b) or 457(b) Plan contributions? Click “Explore Options” and enter amounts or move the sliders to try different changes. Your readiness score will update automatically.

Want to add your Social Security benefit or other non-UC retirement savings? Choose “Add non-UC sources of household income” and enter income in the appropriate categories. You’ll build a comprehensive estimate of how well you’re doing saving for retirement.

Many financial advisors suggest individuals plan to replace 80 percent of their income in retirement. Is your retirement readiness score at 80? Click “Check Retirement Review” to see your latest score and a breakdown of your potential sources of retirement income.

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