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UC Global Food Initiative: Healing hunger, nurturing nutrition

President Janet Napolitano writes in Cultures, the magazine of the American Society for Microbiology, of the role of the University of California in meeting the challenges of food security, nutrition and sustainability:

“The quest to establish global food security has never been so urgent.

“A billion people – most of them in the developing world – suffer from chronic hunger or serious nutritional deficiencies. More than a half billion – primarily in industrialized nations – are obese, and diabetes mellitus is an epidemic. Against this backdrop, climate change and population growth fuel additional uncertainty about how the world will feed itself in the years ahead.

“Recognizing that the University of California (UC) is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in addressing food security and the related challenges of nutrition and sustainability, we launched the UC Global Food Initiative in July 2014.

“Our goal is audacious and far reaching. We aim for nothing less than the development and export of solutions for food security, health, and sustainability throughout California, the United States, and the world. By building on the extensive efforts already underway, and creating new collaborations among our 10 campuses, affiliated national laboratories and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC looks to put the world on a pathway to feed itself in ways that are both nutritious and sustainable.”

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