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Meeting today: Project Management Interest Group

The UCOP Project Management Interest Group is pleased to present “The New UC Information Center — An example of a well-managed project.” Ola Popoola will share her experience as project manager on the UC Information Center and then answer questions from the group.

About the UC Information Center project

The vision for the UC Information Center is to enable the UC community and the public to gain valuable insights into the university using data visualizations by providing quick, clear and easy access to information. Data visualizations allow the presentation of large amounts of data without overwhelming the viewer. The site is made up of three main areas: Storyboards focus on data-driven narratives that weave multiple data visualizations into a storyline; dashboards provide answers to frequently asked questions; and data tables present static and interactive reports that provide download access to raw data.

About Ola Popoola

With 17 years of experience in enterprise resource planning and graduate degrees in both information technology and psychology with a focus on organizational change management and transformation projects, Popoola comes with a broad background in both small and large-scale projects.

Popoola has been with UCOP for three and a half years — close to two years in IT, one year in Procurement and eight months in Institutional Research and Academic Planning.

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