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An important message from President Napolitano about performance reviews

Dear UCOP Colleague,

As we enter into the annual performance review process, I strongly ask all staff and managers to be actively engaged, not just during this review time, but throughout the entire year. For those who manage others, providing continual feedback is one of the most important responsibilities you have and is an investment that brings many dividends. As an employee, it is your role to actively manage your career and benefit from the feedback you receive, and to seek opportunities to grow and improve the organization around you.

UCOP staff at all levels emphasized the importance of receiving constructive performance feedback in the 2012 Staff Engagement Survey. Through the survey results, subsequent workgroup activities and the Efficiency Review initiative, leaders and managers have been reminded that recognizing good performers and addressing poor performances are some of the most important responsibilities we have. Each individual deserves to be recognized for successes and supported in pursuit of strengthening skills.

Not only is performance feedback important for individual career growth, it also ensures that UC continually improves as we strive to achieve our organizational goals. In an ever-changing environment, we need to constantly assess our performance and strive to be better.

Our people make UC great, and I see that on a daily basis. The professionalism and dedication of everyone here at the Office of the President and throughout the University are the foundation of our contributions to the public. Thank you for your service to UC.

Yours very truly,

Janet Napolitano

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