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Don’t lose your vacation time! Plan a leave now

If you can’t remember when you last took time off, you might be missing out on more than rest and relaxation. UC policy limits the accrual of vacation leave, and when you reach the limit, you lose any additional time you’re earning.

Taking a break from work is important for your health and well-being. Summer is a great time to work with your supervisor to schedule time away from the office, and it ensures that you will continue to build up your leave balance.

How much time off do I have?

Leave is calculated based on your appointment type, percent of time worked and how long you have worked at UC. You can find out how much vacation you have accrued by checking your time and attendance record in the Time Reporting System or by reviewing your current pay statement.

Here is a table to help you calculate your maximum vacation accrual:

Years of qualifying service Approximate vacation in hours per month/year Maximum accrual (two times annual accrual)
Professional & support staff (PSS)
Less than 10 10 hours/120 hours 240 hours
10 but less than 15 12 hours/144 hours 288 hours
15 but less than 20 14 hours/168 hours 336 hours
20 or more 16 hours/192 hours 384 hours
Senior managers, managers & senior professionals (MSP)
Less than 5 12 hours/144 hours 288 hours
5 but less than 10 14 hours/168 hours 336 hours
10 or more 16 hours/192 hours 384 hours

Please talk with your supervisor about taking vacation leave to ensure that you have the opportunity for rest and renewal, especially if you are approaching or have already reached your maximum accrual. Human Resources and the Business Resource Center will be contacting department heads and individuals who are approaching or above the accrual limit to confirm that plans are in place to bring vacation leave balance below the policy maximum and that any exceptions are documented and approved.

If you still have questions regarding your leave balances, please contact your payroll representative. For questions about the vacation leave policy and procedures, please contact your department’s HR Business Partner.

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