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Building safety tips

We have great security staff minding the comings and goings in UCOP buildings. They’re so good, in fact, that we sometimes get complacent when it comes to our safety and that of our coworkers. So Building Services would like us all to pause and remember a few tips:

  • While thefts from UCOP buildings are relatively rare, it’s a good idea to stow your valuables like purses and electronics out of sight. If you put them in a desk drawer, be sure to lock it.
  • When you swipe your ID card to enter a UCOP building or suite, make sure you don’t let others sneak in behind you. If you see someone or something suspicious, alert building security.
  • Keep your building’s security desk telephone number handy:
    • Franklin: 7-9790
    • Kaiser: 510-272-0909
    • Broadway: 510-267-1124
    • 20th Street: 7-0020
  • If you’re working late and want an escort from the Franklin building to BART, call Franklin security (see above for the number). If you’re in another building, they can arrange a Block for Block escort, but note that it can take up to an hour.

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