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New employee benefits orientation now offered in webinar format

An all-new UCOP employee benefits orientation is now being offered in a webinar format: every week for career staff (those who are eligible for the UC Retirement Plan) and once a month for all other benefits-eligible staff.

The webinar format and more frequent orientation schedule offer greater convenience for our new hires to learn about their benefits in a timely way. No matter their work location, they can watch, listen and ask questions during the interactive presentation. By offering more opportunities for new staff to learn about our comprehensive benefits package during their 31-day period of initial eligibility for health and welfare benefits, we can help them to make informed choices.

New hires previously learned about benefits as part of the general monthly New Employee Orientation (NEO). The monthly NEO will continue to be offered, covering many other important topics that new staff need to know and giving them the chance to hear a speaker from senior leadership. However, all benefits information is now covered in the separate webinar.

Current employees who want to learn more about their benefits are also welcome to attend any of the webinars.

For more information about all of UCOP’s new employee orientation offerings, including dates of upcoming sessions and dial-in instructions for the webinars, please visit the New Employee Orientation page.


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