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Reminder: Theater-style live sexual harassment training offered on April 21

If you haven’t yet taken your required sexual harassment training, there is still space available in the live theater-style presentation scheduled as follows:

DATE: April 21
TIME: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
LOCATION: Franklin Lobby 1

This presentation mixes serious education and learning with humor, entertainment and spirited discussion as professional actors dramatize real-life scenarios that illustrate both overt and subtle forms of sexual harassment. Participants can ask questions and give advice about any of the vignettes. The actors then respond as their characters, and a lively discussion ensues. Pre-registration is required as follows:

  • Log in to the UC Learning Center (UCLC)
  • Type “Sexual Harassment Prevention Training” into the Search box
  • Check the session, then click on the Register box and then click Submit

Supervisors and managers who have not yet completed their required sexual violence/harassment prevention training may either attend this live presentation or complete a video-based online training on UCLC which takes approximately two hours to complete.

Employees were required to complete their training by April 8, but any newly hired employees may either attend this live presentation or take the assigned online training on UCLC.

More information about UC’s sexual violence/harassment training:

As part of UC’s efforts to improve prevention of and response to sexual violence and sexual harassment, we have rolled out a comprehensive training program about this issue, to be completed by all UC staff and faculty. Every member of the UC community has a responsibility to make our locations free from sexual violence and sexual harassment. By clearly explaining what is expected of you, this training program will better prepare you to fulfill that obligation.

Effective Jan. 31, 2016, all employees on payroll with active status, regardless of previous training taken, are required to complete training on sexual violence/sexual harassment prevention and response. Faculty and supervisors will see new, updated content in their training.

For more information on UC’s efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence, visit our Sexual Violence Prevention and Response page.

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