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Water-conserving retrofits at the Franklin building

As part of our ongoing efforts to conserve water, we have begun to retrofit the commode and urinal flushometers in the Franklin building to a new style which uses considerably less water.

This new style allows users to lift up the handle for a reduced flush of 1.1 gallons for lighter loads or to push down for a regular 1.6 gallons per flush to get rid of solid waste and paper. When the lighter flush will do, users can save an average of a half gallon of water per use.

In conjunction with this changeover, we’re replacing other flushometer components to re-set their asset life cycle and ensure reliable operation. This project should be completed by end of May.

We have already retrofitted faucets and aerators for existing kitchen and bathroom sinks to reduce flow to half a gallon per minute. Other water-saving projects coming up include a number of improvements to our HVAC systems cooling tower including new floats and valves, new drain pans, tower media and a lowering of the overall water level.

Questions? Contact the Building Services Work Management Center at 7-0600.

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